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If you love entertaining, a beautiful outdoor space is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Our expert outdoor lighting in The Woodlands provides the ambiance you need to relax, enjoy nature, and spend quality time with others. 

Purposed Landscaping is the team to trust because we provide personalized service and intentional designs that are multi-functional. Our landscaping capabilities go beyond just creating a beautiful space by creating a space with purpose.

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  • “A truly well-run company sets up dates and times and is there, unlike many other landscaping businesses.” - Frank P.
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  • “Blaze is quick to respond, professional, and communicates well, and we will be using him in the near future for the front yard.” - Kristi N.
  • “We loved them so much that we have booked them to come back to do some more work for us.” - Lexi T.

What are the Benefits of Landscape Lighting

One of the best ways to protect your home is with security lighting. Removing the naturally dark areas where potential intruders can hide makes your home less of a target. Landscape lighting helps create a ring of security around your home while accenting windows or special landscaping pieces in your design.

Not only does this type of lighting promote safety and highlight yard décor, but it extends your living space by making your yard usable after dark. Quality outdoor lighting can turn your backyard into an oasis while creating the ambiance necessary for any party.

Like many other houses, landscape lighting highlights your home’s best attributes for a dynamic appearance. This increases property value as outdoor lighting is desirable to potential buyers by improving curb appeal. Even if you’re not thinking of selling soon, your guest and family will make a first impression based on the exterior of your home. Our expert outdoor lighting in The Woodlands can create a warm, inviting appeal that makes guests feel instantly welcomed.

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Common Outdoor Light Fixtures

Transform your home with lit paths, highlighted gardens, and other lighting that provides serenity and functionality. 

Explore Our Outdoor Landscape Lighting Options

Spotlights for Statues and Patios

  • This fixture can range in brightness and area coverage while being used for multiple purposes. Typically, spotlights are used to illuminate statues, patios, and walls.

Flood Lights for Security and Coverage

  • These are usually used to brighten large areas for security. They have high brightness and comprehensive coverage, so you may want to get motion-activated lights so they can still provide protection without disturbing your neighbors constantly.

Step Lights for Safe Navigation

  • This fixture goes on the wall beside the stairs or on their vertical face to highlight the steps. This prevents family members from tripping or stumbling over stairs in the dark.

String Lights for a Relaxing Backyard Ambiance

  • Set the mood by stringing lights through trees or over hardscapes like a pergola for a picturesque backyard. These often provide less light, so you’re not overwhelmed with brightness while trying to relax.

Garden Lights to Accentuate Your Plants

  • Use these lights along a path to highlight your favorite plants. They act like mushrooms with light that goes downward and out so you can see the plants instead of an unsightly bulb.

Bollard Lights for Pathway Illumination

  • Without a cover, these lights shine in every direction over a small area. This fixture can also be used along a path to illuminate the walkway.

At Purposed Landscaping, we provide expert outdoor lighting in The Woodlands that help create the backyard oasis you deserve. We aim to create spaces with a comprehensive purpose, so you never have wasted space. Let us provide your personalized landscaping design today.

Choosing the Perfect Color Temperature for Your Outdoor Lighting

The choice of the best color for outdoor lighting can vary depending on your specific goals, the mood you want to create, and the design of your outdoor space. Generally, outdoor lighting color temperatures are measured in Kelvin (K), and different color temperatures create different atmospheres:

Warm White for Cozy Outdoor Living

  1. This color temperature closely resembles the warm, inviting glow of incandescent lighting. It's often preferred for creating a cozy and welcoming ambiance in outdoor living areas, patios, and gardens. Warm white is a popular choice for residential outdoor lighting.

Neutral White for Balanced Outdoor Illumination

  1. This color temperature strikes a balance between warm and cool. It provides a clean, natural-looking light that is suitable for many outdoor applications, such as pathways and security lighting. It is often used in commercial and public spaces.

Cool White for Vibrant and Secure Outdoor Areas

  1. Cool white light appears crisper and is often used for task lighting in outdoor areas where visibility and security are essential. It can make colors appear more vibrant and is commonly used for architectural and landscape highlighting.

The best color temperature for your outdoor lighting depends on your preferences and the specific purpose of the lighting. Here are some general recommendations:

Warm White for Inviting Outdoor Spaces

  • is great for creating a relaxing, inviting atmosphere in outdoor entertaining areas, patios, and gardens.

Neutral White for Versatile Lighting Needs

  • is versatile and works well for general outdoor lighting, such as pathways, driveways, and security lighting.

Cool White for Enhanced Visibility and Aesthetics

  • is ideal when you need high visibility and want to showcase architectural features or sculptures.

It's also essential to consider the context and surrounding elements when choosing outdoor lighting colors. The color of your home's exterior, landscaping, and the atmosphere you want to create will all influence your decision. Ultimately, the best color for your outdoor lighting is one that aligns with your design preferences and functional needs for the space.

Does Fixture Color Impact Outdoor Lighting Quality?

The color of outdoor light fixtures does not significantly affect the quality of the light they emit. The quality of light primarily depends on the type of bulbs used and their color temperature. However, the fixture color can influence factors like reflectivity, aesthetics, visibility, and heat absorption. It's important to choose fixture colors that complement your outdoor space's overall design and your specific preferences.


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