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Landscaping Maintenance in The Woodlands

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Designing your new landscaping is the first step to creating a beautiful exterior. However, maintenance is critical to its long-lasting appearance. Our expert landscape maintenance in The Woodlands provides the extra care your landscaping needs as seasons change. The team at Purposed Landscaping offers personalized care to make intentional designs, small or large. After creating a comprehensive space for your home, let our experts also help maintain it.

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Common Landscape Maintenance

The Spring and Fall are when your lawn needs the most care. This usually includes cleaning mulch, and flower beds, trimming, or removing debris. 

Besides this biannual clean-up, your landscaping needs this maintenance:

  • Bed detailing: Cleaning your flower beds includes weeding, trimming, and edging. This is not as in-depth as the fall or spring cleaning, but it should still happen monthly.
  • Pruning: Cutting your flowers, bushes, trees, and shrubs correctly is essential to promote growth. Pruning at the wrong time or too much can damage the plant.
  • Plant protection & feed: Your plants need many nutrients to stay healthy. Putting the nutrients back into the earth to keep your plants beautiful is important. They also need seasonal pest and disease protection.
  • Leaf removal: During the fall, trees shed their leaves, and their buildup can kill your lawn and plants. Let us clean up your space by removing fallen leaves.
  •  Mowing: Mowing is the most frequent landscaping maintenance, especially in the summer when grass grows at its fastest. Your lawn should be mowed once every one or two weeks, depending on the season.
  • Mulching: Every spring, you should add another layer of mulch to your beds to add curb appeal and make other landscaping stand out. This also helps separate your plant beds from your lawn for easier care.
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Landscaping FAQ

We understand that you may have multiple questions about how to take care of your new and improved outdoor space. 

Here are the answers to commonly asked questions about our expert landscape maintenance in The Woodlands:

What type of maintenance does an irrigation system require?

Your irrigation system should be inspected biannually to ensure the controller is properly working, wire connections are tight, and there is no damage. Poorly managed irrigation systems can waste water and affect the quality of your plants.

When Should I Fertilize My Lawn and Plants?

Fertilization timing depends on the specific needs of your lawn and plants. In general, it's best to fertilize cool-season grasses in the early fall and spring and warm-season grasses in late spring or early summer. For plants, follow specific fertilization guidelines for each type, considering factors such as growth stage and nutrient requirements.

When can I use my lawn after fertilization?

People and pets should stay off the lawn until weed control, and other chemicals have dried. This typically takes less than an hour. This process only happens yearly, depending on your local weather, so you’re not inconvenienced often.

How does mosquito treatment work?

Mosquito treatment is a common choice as dark areas near bushes, and any standing water in your outdoor space is vulnerable to mosquitos. Insecticides are usually misted through your landscaping and last about 21 days. However, you should stay away from treated areas for about 30 minutes or until the product has dried.

For professional solutions that make your landscaping last a long time, count on our professionals. We provide an individualized service based on your specific home and goals.

Trust Purposed Landscaping when you need expert landscape maintenance in The Woodlands. Call (281) 819-5225 when you are ready to schedule an appointment.

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